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About Rollspace

Rollspace is PVP Gaming Space on Blast L2 Network

Rollspace is GameFi space for gamers to play real-time PVP games on Blast L2 that lets you earn Ethereum (ETH). We got tired of singleplayer games where algorithm plays in favour of project and lets users loose against the protocol. We want our users to win not protocols, as a protocol we do not play against our users, we provide game sessions and we take 1-2% developer fee to be able to provide these amazing games for you, biggest portion of rewards goes back to users.

🎮 Games are Built on Blast L2

We provide multiple options to play on other chains such as Smart Chain, Base,, but primarily we are focused on Blast L2. Why? Blazingly Fast. No congestion and all that nonsense. Gas fees are a fraction of what you pay on the other chains.

But more importantly why we selected this chain is incentives and more rewards it provides for users, such as native yield. Users that deposit ETH into our gaming wallet, earn up to 5% APY on their ETH even if they dont play games.

That is not all now we got limitless options to earn yield for all deposited funds, without us charging users a cut for using platform, and yes we will use these benefits from Blast to do so.

💰 Not enough rewards? We got you.

You can collect lucky points, for each game you play on Rollspace. Even if you loose, it does not matter we will still give you points. That is not all, you also get lucky points for all your referred friends. But now you might be asking why do I need lucky points for?